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Leucadia, CA 92024

Reach your potential with a unique blend of Physical Therapy, Yoga, Massage and Essential Oils in a private one on one setting in Leucadia, CA with Doctor Alison McLean, DPT, ERYT, HHP, C-IAYT.

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The Show Goes On

Alison McLean

It's been awhile -  life happens. Some of you know I was diagnosed with rectal cancer right after Thanksgiving last year. But, you know what! The show goes on. After a crazy December of back to back procedures, MD visists, naturopath visits that all resulted in a surgery. The cancer is completely gone.  Now I'm back armed with new experiences, knowledge and lessons learned. Actually, I'm still learning lessons. It's been quite a journey.

Slowly returning back to my Yoga pracitce...

Slowly returning back to my Yoga pracitce...

Truth be told we are all going through our struggles at one time or another, one way or another. The physical representation maybe different, but some of the emotions we feel inside maybe quite similar. It's learning how to process and accept what we can not control, and take responsibility and action for what we can. This helps to avoid getting caught in an negative emotion cyclone. Anyways, I can go on and on... Rather, let's focus on specifically what you need, and how I can help. Here are some offerings of varying price points, time commitments and styles. Check it out find one or some that resonate, then take action!



Going through a surgery again reminded me how discombobulating the whole system and process is, and I'm a physical therapist and feel this way!! So I created a Surgical Care package for you or a loved one going through surgery (any surgery not just orthopedic). I'll help prepare for surgery, you will know what to do the day of surgery and will be guided immediately following surgery as well. For more details hop over here: Surgical Care

Supported bridge

I'm still running 1:1 sessions of many varieties. Hop over here to determine what fits you best:  Services. Schedule sooner rather than later since it is filling up quickly.

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You guys know essential oils are a big deal to me. I was reminded of this following my surgery when I did not use any pain meds- just oils! It's like my secret arsenal of no toxic goodies that help my family and I with immunity, supporting our bodies and our minds. Our team is running an oil special this month! $25 Cash back following the purchase of the Premium Starter Kit. This is only good for this month, and only happens once a year (if that).  $25 will be applied as store credit following the purchase of the kit.


Classes and Workshops

                     Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10:15-11:15 AM

                                                     Hot Yoga at Yoga Six in Carlsbad

Friday Mornings 9-10AM

  Yoga Therapy Clinic Series

at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas

First 4 Tuesdays of the month 4-5:15PM

Feb Class Theme: Release Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders Only 2 more classes with this theme!!

Hanging Child's Pose on the Yoga Wall at Tropics West

Hanging Child's Pose on the Yoga Wall at Tropics West

                                                 Pop up Yoga Wall Classes in North County

I'm filling in on the Yoga Wall at Yoga Tropics West these dates only!! Come hang out 6:15-7:45PM for this donation based class (Suggested donation per class is $20)

Monday: 3/5, 3/19, 3/26        Wed: 3/21

                                                                            Save the Date

Workshop at Soul of Yoga Saturday April 21st 2-4PM             Topic: Happy Hips

Excited to Partner Up and Offer these Trainings!

Early Bird registration is open now for both! Don't miss out!

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That's a Wrap

Alison McLean

Just like that 2017 is quickly coming to an end. On occasion, as we are hustling from one holiday party to the next, we glimpse one of our intentions or resolutions we set in the beginning of the 2017. It's easy to put it off again until 2018, especially if we did so for 11 months. However, I encourage you to take action now. Start the momentum into 2018 by listening to your needs, desires and goals.

Once you start taking action, it's easier to continue to put on foot in front of the other.  To help you on this journey I have a bunch of options to deepen your commitment and clearly decide what you want for yourself, and your loved ones for 2018.



One:One sessions

Finally get rid of your pain and discomfort

A session at Ignite is very different then the traditional PT setting. Each session is customized to your needs, whether it's an evaluation unraveling the root cause of your discomfort, bodywork, Yoga, visceral manual therapy, traditional physical therapy or essential oils. In your session you will finally figure out the source of your discomfort, and a plan to heal. You will never be handed off to an aid or assistant, or left alone while I check on another patient. To schedule an appointment just reply here, call (858) 248 2272, or schedule online:

Mentoring or Transformation Sessions

No pain, but aren't feeling completely fulfilled? Or, are you unsure how to take your Yoga Teachings to the next level where you can actually make money? Work with me in person, or via zoom to release blocks holding you back. This work is not easy, but it is rewarding. Find strength, courage and confidence to explore ideas and dreams hidden deep within and make them a reality.

Class and Workshop Schedule

New Class in Encinitas!!

Low Back Yoga Therapy Clinic at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas

In this 4 week series you will deepen your knowledge surrounding low back pain. We will explore the anatomy and biomechanics of why low back pain is so common in our society, and what we can do to reverse pain. You will participate in a therapeutic Yoga practice to open, as well as stabilize the area. You will leave feeling lighter and freer in your lower back, pelvis and hips with tools you can use safely at home. Build upon knowledge learned each week to unwind old patterns of moving, as you learn more about your body and how you use it day to day. Drop into one class or come to all four deepening your knowledge.

During the four weeks you will:
• Learn the common causes of low back pain
• Experience how the hips are connected to the low back
• Learn traction techniques that you can practice at home
• Strengthen and stabilize
• Understand how to modify your practice to suit your body's needs

Register early, limited to 10 people

Cost: $80 for all 4 weeks         $25 drop in

Register here:

Free Yoga Therapy Intro class at Soul Tuesday Dec 12th and Dec 19th 4-5:15PM

Make sure to register for this free class- limited to 10 people!!

Ongoing Classes

Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10:15-11:15 AM

             Hot Yoga at Yoga Six in Carlsbad

Friday Mornings 9-10AM


Last workshop of 2017!

PRANA SI joint.jpg

Register here: Prana

Yoga Therapeutics Training: 100 hour Certification


Mark your calendars! Elia and I are leading an 100 hour Yoga Therapy Training focusing on the whole person based upon the Kosha Layers of Healing. It is unlike any training out there now! Weekends in April-June at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla

More details to come. If interested reply to this email so we can keep you in the loop! Space will be limited.

The Yoga Wall Method Mentorship

If you completed Elia and I's Yoga Wall Level 1 Certification, then here is the next step to take your teachings to the next level.



What will you get out of this Mentorship?

  • Provide the opportunity for teachers to practice teaching using a Yoga Wall system

  • Offer individualized attention and feedback to help teachers build upon their strengths

  • Assist each teacher with enhancing their verbal and physical communication skills

  • Educate on the development of keen awareness of one’s students and adjustment techniques that are safe and effective

  • Challenge the teacher to overcome their underdeveloped talents while being supervised and critiqued

What’s required from you??

  • Commit to attending two 2-hour meetings per month at Yoga Tropics West for 3 months

  • Basic Plan: $100/month for 3 months (recommended)

  • Premium Plan: $150/month for 3 months (recommended) includes reading assignments and written reports, to deepen your knowledge on Pathology and the Wall, as well as, two 30 minute calls per month with either Elia and Alison to review assignments and inquire about any covered in the curriculum

Enroll here:

Holiday Gift Ideas

Unsure what to give your loved ones? Give them the gift of health with an Ignite Wellness Gift Certificate for a massage, physical therapy or Yoga Session! Or, Young Living has an abundance of everything from stocking stuffers, essential oils to make up or complete wellness makeover packages. If you need help creating the perfect gift for someone you care about just message me! I'd love to help you!